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We were never meant to live life alone...

Your life group is essential to our church. Thank you for stepping up as a leader at Open Door to create space to simply live life with your church family. Your group isn't a space where you have to "be" anything other than yourself. 

Keep in mind, we have cancelled our Sunday evening services permanently in order to accomodate for Life Groups. 

As we organically allow these groups to develop, there are  few things that you need to keep in  mind:

  • Your life group isn't the place for a Sunday sermon. It's a space to develop deeper friendships. Don't pressure yourself to have to "have" something amazing to teach. 
  • Gather around food. We can't emphasize this enough. At every gathering food is just as important as the people around you. 
  • Meet at least twice a month–no more than 3 times a month. That being said, all groups are allowed to choose their times, but we see this as a long term strategy and do not want you, nor your people getting burnt out. 
  • Allow people to come and go. While there may be some regulars, don't take it personal if someone wants to visit multiple groups to see where they fit right now. The season of their life may need a particular group that isn't yours, and that's okay!
  • Keep your groups small. Once they get over 10 people you'll lose the ability for it to stay personal. 
  • Most importantly, have fun. Be positive. And live life together with the people around you.

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