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The Church as a Creative Minority

One of the attractions of the early church in the Roman Empire was that it offered an alternative culture to its members.  As early as Acts 2, the Christian community was living by a different set of rules and principles than the rest of society.  This was the intentional practice of the …

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FAITH Part 2: Where Faith Originates–Spirit, Soul or Body?

True faith is God’s gift to you to perform what he’s told you to do. Faith certainly is not, “I want this, and so I believe God will give it to me." So where does faith come from? Our spirit, soul or body? And what does God give His faith for? Listen in now as Pastor Mark teaches on the ...

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Have American Christians Lost their Ability to Win in Life?

Are We More Concerned with Winning Political Victories than Winning People?  In separating church from state, I think our forefathers in the United States were trying to create a level playing field, a place where all religions could compete equality for hearts and minds of the people...

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Is the Church Supposed to Be Culturally Relevant?

Relevant!  This word should win the prize for the most common Christian Buzzword of the Twenty-first Century.  Cultural relevance has become a battle cry for some and a frustration for others.  Are we expected to keep up with a culture that redefines itself every couple years?   How much do we change...

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