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3 Myths About Church Volunteers


They’re a lot of myths out there about volunteers. I think Satan tries to intimidate us with perfection.  In other words, we have an idealistic picture of what a volunteer looks like and we can’t measure up to that image.  So we conclude, I’m not good enough to serve.  


Of course, nothing could be further form the truth.  You are qualified right now to serve.  You need nothing more than willingness in order to be a hero at Open Door.


3 Myths About Church Volunteers


1.  Volunteers are super spiritual

No.  And again I say, No!  Volunteers are just like you and me.  They get frustrated, discouraged, angry, tired, etc.  They are not super moms and super dads.  They don’t spend 4 hours a day on their faces before God or studying the Bible.  They don’t converse with God 24/7 nor do they hear His voice perfectly all the time.

Volunteers are normal people who have to pay bills, raise kids, battle sickness, fight depression, work on their marriage, fight temptation, work jobs and make themselves come to church even when they would rather sleep in.

Here’s the only real qualification that counts:  They are willing!


2.  Volunteers know something I don’t

Wrong!  If volunteers always knew what they were doing before they started, then they would never try something new.  That’s like saying a person must learn to swim before they get into the water or must learn to play the piano before they touch the keys.  Impossible!

Being a volunteer means you are willing to start something new.  You want to learn.  You are ready for a new adventure.  You are ready to face the unknown.  God doesn’t care if you know what you are doing or not.  People who think they have it all together are don’t need God!  He doesn’t expect you to know it all.  He wants to make this journey with you and enjoy watching you learn along the way.


3.  Volunteers are perfect at what they do

I can say from experience, that is not the case.  Nobody is perfect.  Sometimes it may look that way but looks are often deceiving.  Anything we do for God and His people is offering of faith.  It’s the best we can do, understanding that our best is never enough.  Only Jesus was perfect.  

Volunteers make mistakes, don’t always measure up, make the wrong choice and could always do better.  It’s not what we do that counts – it’s what we learn in the process.  

So if you don’t always feel very spiritual, don’t always know what you are doing and mess up frequently, you are qualified to be a volunteer at Open Door!

 Be a hero!  Volunteer this month!

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