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How To Not Miss "God Moments' In Your Life


This morning was absolutely crazy! Our sitter was sick, and I had exactly ten minutes to find someone to pick my daughter up and keep her for the rest of the day.

After about five phone calls and a few texts, I finally made arrangements, all within about five minutes. Thankfully, I had put my makeup on first thing this morning, so aside from my hair being a frizzy mess, I was at least halfway put together! I grabbed two k-cups (because obviously it’s a two cup of coffee kind of day) and ran out the door.

I picked up my friend so we could carpool, and as I shared my chaotic beginning to the day with her, she said “Man you had a stressful morning. Even my most stressful mornings aren’t that stressful.” Hahaha  … praise Jesus for friends who know how to make you laugh and regain your sanity!


While we were driving up the highway, I did my best to maintain conversation, but my mind was swarming with a thousand thoughts of how to handle things for tomorrow.


We have birthday celebrations, a meeting, and a training that I had to prepare things for; and to take off, would mean that everything needed to be finished and organized by today, and at 7:30am before coffee, my brain just could not comprehend all of that. My friend wanted an iced capp, so we pulled into Tim Hortons.

As we did, there was a beautiful rainbow lighting up the sky. In that moment I felt the Lord literally shush my mind and calm every ounce of anxiety. I was reminded of His promises, “Be still and know that I am God. Be anxious for nothing. I am in control and I will be with you.” And there in the drivethrough, I have a precious moment with my Heavenly Daddy.

Every day, the Lord sets up opportunities to pour out His love to us in special ways. What speaks to me, may not speak to you. He knows each of us, and will do little things to remind us that He’s there, and He cares. So many times we miss out on those precious moments, because we’re too focused on what’s going on with us.

Phone calls, meetings, crying babies, demanding schedules, football games, dance practice…the list goes on and on. Life demands a lot out of us and we are busy. It’s understandable, and even justifiable. But when we allow life to get in the way, WE are the ones who miss out.

I obviously wasn't focused in that moment on having a God encounter, however my heart is always open and ready to experience God in any way that he want to present himself.


If you can decide in your heart right now to be open, you're giving God permission to show up in your life to catch your attention. 


Today, I challenge you to ask Him to make you aware of those special moments.

He will. It may come in the form of a rainbow; or it may come in an invitation to lunch with a friend. It may come in the form of your favorite song playing on the radio; or it may come in the laughter and snuggles of your child.

Whatever it is, treasure it; and find peace in the truth that the God who created this universe, in all His majesty, loves YOU. He took the time to pause and pay special attention to YOU and pour out His love on YOU, because YOU are worth it!

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