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Five Word Focus for 2015!

New years resolutions normally don’t last, so I try to not make them. However, last year, I was challenged by a friend through her blog to create a “mission statement” for the new year. This mission statement was written through focusing on five words. I loved it, and as I prayed about it, the Lord gave me my words: REAL, RELATIONSHIPS, READ, REMEMBER, and RENEW. I issued myself a challenge regarding those words, and I can honestly say that I kept them on my mind and heart throughout the year, and conquered it.

A few weeks ago, out of no where, I was getting ready, and the Lord gave me five new words. I was really confused at first, until I realized what they were for…my words for 2015! This year, they are: COMMITMENT, CONSISTENT, CONNECTION, COMPASSION, and COURAGE.


I can’t tell you how many times I started a fast this past year, only to break it after a few days, with very legit reasons as to why I was stopping…but really, they were just excuses…lame ones at that. That’s not all…I started a lot of different things this year, but my follow through was about 65%…and that’s pretty gracious. Next year, I want the fruit of self-control to be strong in my life. I want to commit to something, and follow through 100%. How will I do this? Make smaller commitments. Instead of trying to be power woman and attempting to take on huge tasks and challenges, I’ll start small. Once I achieve the small things, I’ll work my way up to the bigger ones, and I’ll stay committed every step of the way. After all, if we can’t be trusted with the small things, we won’t be trusted with the bigger ones. I want the Lord to be able to use me in whatever way He wants…that means I need to crucify this flesh daily, no matter how hard it is!



Webster’s definition for consistent is  “always acting or behaving in the same way.”  One of the things I respect most about my boss is that, no matter what kind of day he’s having, he’s always the same. In fact, you would never know he’s even having a bad day unless he told you…because he doesn’t allow his emotions to dictate his actions and attitude. I want people to be able to say that about me. I don’t want people to wonder what Alana they’re going to get from day to day…I want them to know that I’m the same, regardless what’s going on in my mind and heart. Now, this isn’t being fake…I’m not talking about wearing a mask and covering things up…I’m talking about being so grounded in the Lord that even on the tough days, His grace carries me and allows me to keep a smile on my face.



I recently took on a new position at work as a Recruiter/Corporate Developer. Part of this job means going around to places in Circleville and making connections with people. As social as I am, this will be one of the most challenging things for me. I’m not comfortable going in to places where I don’t know anyone and talking to them. It may be pushing me out of my comfort zone, a lot…but it’s also one of the things I’m most excited for. And I trust that as I do it for work purposes, the Lord will give me the boldness to be able to connect with people more easily in other aspects of my life as well…and that makes me very excited!



Several years ago, Randray and I went on a mission trip to Toronto, where we did street ministry for the homeless. We went out each night with care packages of food, drinks, and other necessities and gave them to people. In meeting practical needs, we were also able to minister to hearts and pray with a lot of people. That trip changed my life, and gave me such a heart for the homeless. However, I have not done anything here in my  own town to help those I see standing on the corners. Now, do I know that some of the people here aren’t legit in need? Yes. However, we aren’t called to judge…we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and serve with His heart. I saw this idea on Facebook a while back that I loved- take a ziplock bag and fill it with some practical things…toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, maybe a little snack, and a $5.00 gift card…and hand that out to the people you see. It’s the same thing we did in Toronto, but I never even thought to do it here. Next year, I want to make it a point to do it, at least once a month. That’s one way I know I can show compassion to others…and as I pray each day, I know He will provide other opportunities for people to see, and receive His love through me.



This is the one that will tie everything together. In order to be able to be committed, consistent, compassionate, and to make connections, I need to have the courage to do so. The Lord promises that He has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind…and He promises that His perfect loves casts out all fear…so if I walk in that love and walk in His spirit, I can do anything. More than anything else in 2015, I want to walk totally in surrender and dependence to Him. He is my confidence and my strength. And He will lead and guide me and help me to achieve my goals…because He is the one who gave them to me in the first place.


So there it is…my mission statement for 2015. What about you? What five words can you focus on for the year?

I challenge you to think about it. Create your own…or ask the Lord to give them to you…He will. Write them down and keep them with you…and see what He will do in and through you as you live them out in the upcoming year. Throw away those old “resolutions” and seek to pursue something that will take a whole year to achieve…the results are greater and so is the sense of accomplishment when you look back a year from now and see how much you’ve grown because of them.

If you liked this article, be sure to hit the little heart to let me know! Share with us what words you feel like God is giving you in the comments below. They can be the same OR different! Happy New Year! 

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