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Issue #2 Weekly Happenings


Mike and April Dray here! We LOVE our church and we’re so excited to be dropping in with another weekly email here at Open Door.



Living eternally has always been one of those things that sparks my (Mike’s) imagination. It’s hard to imagine what that would look like, especially when we are limited to our human mortal lives and we have limited sight into what God has in store for us. I think it’s incredible that God has more in store for us than we know, that Heaven will be something we were tailor-fitted for without even knowing it.  


And I, (April,) like to think that God’s currently in the process of crafting places and things made specifically for each individual to enjoy for eternity, based on our interests and personalities here on earth. (Maybe He’s building me a castle by the sea FULL of books…I have no idea. But a girl can dream.)


These thoughts will likely be on our minds this week thanks to yesterday’s message. (This link is going to lead you to our Podcast–the video wasn't captured yesterday)

I (Mike) really got some good revelation when Pastor Mark discussed ‘Eternal Life’.


I have the habit of trying to guess what people are going to say. (I think it was birthed from watching unpredictable shows like “Stranger Things” or “Lost.”) So while I was in yesterday’s service, I immediately completed the maze at the top of the notes and tried to guess the words that Pastor Mark would have us fill in.


(April here: He nearly does this every Sunday. And it can get kind of annoying…)


Surprisingly, I was right on all but one and received a really cool revelation because of it. The second to last word on the notes was “endure.” But when I was filling in the blanks, (AKA cheating), I thought of another six-letter word that begins with an “E”: Engage. When Pastor Mark got to that part of the message, I quickly scribbled the correct word in and felt The Holy Spirit say “When you live with eternity in mind you are able to engage culture.”



That, my friends, is a thought worth having.


While it’s important to look toward eternity, we can’t forget that what we do here matters. If we’re not engaging culture (our jobs, the people we work with, our families, etc.), then we’re not stewarding the limited time He’s given us here on earth. I encourage you to keep that in mind the next time you think your hard work, generosity or overtime hours go unnoticed.


On the blog this week, Tomiah proposes some thought-provoking questions about our reputations. They matter. They’re important. And they can even be life-changing for someone. Take a minute to read and be challenged!


Have a fantastic week, and here’s a scripture to remember throughout your days this week:

“Look at the Nations and watch-and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.’ – Hab. 1:5


Mike & April

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