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Understanding and Overcoming Sin

In Mark 9 we read about how 3 of the disciples of Christ scoff at the other nine disciples who weren’t able to cast out the demons because of their unbelief. Isn’t it interesting when we’ve been “on the mountain with Jesus” everyone else's' failures seem so obvious? You could almost say, “Blessed is he who can have a life-changing encounter with Jesus, without looking down on everyone else who hasn’t.” Remaining humble and kind is an essential fruit as a disciple of Christ to overcome the sin in your own life. Listen in now to this sermon with Mark Pfeifer.   ...

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Part 1: Are We There Yet?

At some point between the time that we're saved until we get to Heaven, there's very practical things we have to manage like paying electric bills (on time), getting the oil changed in the car (hopefully not too late), and keeping your home kept. We can so focus on the allure of Heaven that we ignore what ...

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People of the Presence

Worship is the language of Heaven. Your choice to worship God is the un-doing of the curse that Adam & Even brought onto humanity. Their desire for self-domination and self-control went against God's desire for humanity to trust his authority and care over the world. Worship isn't just a sound you...

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