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Reordering Your Life with the Tithe

Throughout the history of God’s people, there has been a compulsion towards generosity.  Whenever someone tasted the grace and goodness of God, it compelled them to give offerings.   Many times, this offering was 10% financial gift.  After defeating 5 kings, Abraham gave 10% to Melchizedek.  Later, Jacob vows 10% of his increase to the Lord.  When Moses wrote the Law for God’s people, he commanded the first 10% of the year’s increase to be brought to the house of God.  When this was neglected in the days of King Zerubbabel, God had His prophet Malachi address the non-tithing citizens of Israel.


Jesus spoke about tithing in Luke 11:42.  He told the Pharisees that tithing was important along with keeping all parts of God’s law.  The early church continued the example of extravagant giving and compulsive generosity when they sold land and houses and brought the proceeds to the apostles for distribution (see Acts 2:44-45 and Acts 4:32-35).  How we handle money was such an important issue in Jesus’ mind that He said true Kingdom riches would not be committed to a person who did not know how to handle earthly wealth (Luke 16:10-13).   


In light of this, giving of the tithe becomes an important issue.  In fact, when we consistently tithe, we not only reorder our finances, we reorder our entire lives.  Tithing gives us an opportunity to live in a new Kingdom dimension and reality.  Consider these 10 facts:  When we reorder our life by giving the tithe…


1. It reminds us that everything belongs to God

2. It prioritizes our life

3. It keeps our mind on Kingdom realities

4. It reminds us that we are laying up treasure in heaven

5. It fights off greed and materialism

6. It gives God something to bless

7. It advances the work of God on earth

8. It makes us care for the rest of our money

9. It gives us an opportunity to put our faith into action

10. It assures the future of our church and family


Don’t neglect the tithe!  It is an important Kingdom principle!

Mark PfeiferComment