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Me and My Family

NEWS FLASH:  Your family is not perfect! Oh, so you knew that already?  Would it surprise you to know that your family is not supposed to be perfect?  Would that make you feel better?


It’s my belief that everything we need to know about in life we learn in the family.  These lessons are often learned when there is tension, disagreements, conflicts, etc.  While these things can spiral out of control until they are harmful, when dealt with functionally, these events teach people how to function in life.


Two of the greatest lessons a person can learn about being successful in life are conflict management and how to deal with different personalities.  Both of these lessons are learned best in the confines of an imperfect but loving family. 


So embrace your family – warts and all.  Accept it for what it is – a group of imperfect people trying to learn how to survive and thrive in a tough world.  Instead of being discouraged and frustrated, look at conflict in your family as learning experiences for everyone.


Here are seven lessons that will help you in life that you can learn in your imperfect family.


1. Sacrifice How to not get your way all the time

2. Commitment : How to buy in for the long haul even when you want to quit

3. Acceptance : How to deal with imperfect people and still come out a winner

4. Submission : How to respond appropriately to authority

5. Respect : How to treat others on a peer level

6. Forgiveness : How move forward in freedom when someone has wronged you

7. Loyalty : How to stay true to the family even when you want to quit


Your family is not perfect and neither is mine.  So let’s accept it and embrace it as the perfect test tube of life and trust God that as He works all things for His glory, He is doing the same for you and me in the midst of our family struggles.  

Mark PfeiferComment