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If It Wasn't Appealing, It Wouldn't Be Tempting

The greatest temptations in life aren’t necessarily those that entice us to enjoy some guilty pleasure. The greatest and most dangerous temptations are the ones that alter our destinies. Satan tries to get us derailed form our purpose in God by offering ulterior plans – ones that seem quicker, easier and more popular.  After all, who wants to wait, work hard and endure rejection in order to fulfill our purpose?  Yet this is the very thing that you and I will have to do in order to fulfill God’s plan for our lives.  

It won’t come easy.

It won’t come quick.

It won’t come with everyone’s approval.

What do you desire to do?  What has God has called you to do?  What is the plan of God for your life?  If you’re like most people, you don’t have it all figured out yet.  But here’s one thing I know –Satan wants to derail you by working through your impatience, lack of self-discipline and need to be liked by people.  Those three things are the most common derailment techniques used by the devil.  In fact, he used them against Jesus.

Satan’s alternative plan appeals to our tendency for immediate gratification – TURN STONES INTO BREAD!

Satan’s alternative plan appeals to our sense of ease – WORSHIP ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE KINGDOMS OF THE EARTH WITHOUT PAIN!

Satan’s alternative plan appeals to our need to be accepted by others  - THROW YOURSELF OFF THE TEMPLE AND EVERYONE WILL LOVE YOU!

In the process of your day and week, look for ways in which Satan is tempting you to accept his alternative plan for your life through tempting you to be impatience, choosing the easy route and wanting to be liked by people.  Combat those tendencies with the Word of God and prayer. Learn scriptures on patience, tenacity and staying true to God even when others do not.  Your purpose in God will be fulfilled!  But it will take some time, hard work and walking alone with God at times.  

But here’s great news – Jesus did it and SO CAN YOU!

Mark PfeiferComment