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6 Lessons I Learned From My Dad

A funny thing happened over about a ten year span in my life.  The older I got, the smarter my dad got.  When I was 14 he was not that smart .  But when I was in my early twenties, he was one of the smartest people I knew.  He taught me a lot of things - too many mention here.  But here six things my dad taught me that help guide my entire life.


1. How to put God first in my life.  This was the most important lesson I learned during that time in my life.  I watched my dad in a lot of situations and in each one, how to glorify God and do the right thing was is guiding light.


2. How to work hard and build stuff.  Besides being a preacher, my dad was a builder.  He loved to build!  Unfortunately at the time, he thought I needed to love it too and he would get me out of bed on Saturdays and in the summers at 6:00 am and take me to a building site.  I hated it then but thank God for it now.  After building 5 homes, rehabbing 20 and building our church’s 50,000 square foot facility, I am reaping the benefits of this knowledge.


3. How to handle money.  Dad was not a wealthy man by many people’s standards but was able to do more with less better than anyone else I know.  What he was able to give his children was amazing.


4. How to treat people.  Dad valued friendships - especially in the later years of his life.  He enjoyed the people of his small community and the people of his church.  His daily intercessory prayers for these people were proof of his love for them.


5. How to flow in the Holy Spirit.  Nobody was better than my dad in knowing how to direct a service in the Holy Spirit.  So many times he would get up during those years I travelled with him and start taking the service in another direction.  Often I would think, “OK dad, how are you going to get out of this one…”  But somehow, he was able to direct the service in such a way that people responded and were touched by God.  It was amazing!


6. How to be disciplined.  Dad was one of the most discipled people I have ever known.  I love that about him.  I try to be like my dad in that way.  Every morning he read the Bible before anyone was up.  Every morning and evening he prayed with mom.  No doubt, I am here writing this today because of his faithfulness and discipline to interceding for his kids.

I don’t know how well I have learned these lessons - and surely do not do them as well as my dad.  But today I want to say, thanks dad!

Mark PfeiferComment