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Seven Ways to Increase Godly Expectation

Your life follows your expectation – because expectation is a form of faith.  While hope may motivate us, expectation is the next step which prepares for what we believe will happen.  

Your entire life is ordered around what you expect to receive.  Do you expect good things to happen to you or bad things to happen to you?  How you answer this question will determine how you will live your life.



Expectation is a reflection of what we believe about God, about ourselves and about others.  When we believe good things about God, ourselves and others, we expect certain good things to happen around us.we are surprised if they don’t.  In fact, when something bad happens to a person with positive expectations, they immediately begin to examine why.  Perhaps something is eschew.  Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.  Perhaps there is a lesson somewhere in the situation that God wants us to learn.  Perhaps this is a stepping stone that we need to put under our feet.  The bottom line is that a person who lives in faith and applies that faith to the future lives in expectation for God’s goodness to enshroud them.


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 


On the other hand, when someone expects bad things to happen to them, it is a result of faulty thinking about God, themselves and others.  This translate into a faith that bad things will happen to them.  When it does, they chalk it up to just another bad day in a series of bad days.  They accept it as normal and it reaffirms what they have always believed.  Never do they examine it for lessons they can learn to better their life or seek to find the reason why bad things keep happening to them.  Their expectation has created the reality that they willingly accept as their lot in life.


But anyone can change!  Here are seven way you can turn your expectation from bad things happening to you to good things happening to you:

  1. Study God’s word daily
  2. Determine to be purpose driven instead of pleasure driven
  3. Define what kind of person you want to be 
  4. Form the daily habits that align with this definition
  5. Find people who share your views and walk with them
  6. Look for things that affirm your beliefs and speak of those things
  7. Accept what comes your way as building blocks for your future
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