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Simon And The Prostitute

Simon was a critical spirit amidst Jesus and the prostitute. Jesus knew the prostitutes past. He knew her life, her sin, and her flaws. But He chose to see past those and see her humble spirit that chose to wash his feet and dry them with her hair. This is a perfect example of how we need to have a humble spirit that accepts others no matter their sin or past, instead of like Simon who rejected her due to her sin. We are to accept others, love others and serve others, no matter their appearance, behavior or sin! 

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The Message From an Empty Tomb

When the disciples looked inside the empty tomb, they were gazing into eternity and saw the destiny of all those who believe.  Jesus paved the way for your life and mine for all eternity. Here’s the deal… We were all born sinners.  Nobody had to teach us how to sin.  We did it naturally, on our own.  When my children were born, they were born sinners.  They lied, took things that did not belong to them, threw fits, etc.  Their mother and I had to teach them to do the right thing.


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