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Looking For Undercover Heroes

Have you noticed that in the United States we make celebrities out of everybody?  The rash of reality shows in the last decade has made famous everyone from moonshiners to mechanics; from duck hunters to housewives; from warn out rock stars to warn out athletes.

We watch the daily news for strange and fascinating stories about people who have multiple children, multiple murders and multiple personalities.  Then we watch videos that go viral about cats and dogs, accidents and mishaps, interviews and medleys.  Who can forget, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat?”

Millions are clamoring for their Andy Warhol Moment.  Millions more are hoping to be the next American Idol or starlet in Hollywood.  Americans love celebrity!  We have people who are famous for being famous!  We love watching the meteoric rise of people and then we love watching them fall.  This keeps the tabloids in business.

Unfortunately, the church has followed suit.  We have made celebrities out of the servants of God.  We are tempted to think that the Kingdom of God is advanced by Christians entertainment.  But I see it, the church moves forward on the backs of millions of unsung heroes every day.  These are the real heroes of the faith.  They are moms and dads, mail carriers and factory workers. They will never grace the pages of a Christian magazine or be interviewed on TV.  But their importance cannot be overstated and their rewards in heaven cannot be measured.

Thank you for being one of those heroes!  Thank you for being faithful when you wanted to quit and carrying on the work of Christ when you wanted to lay it down.  Please be encouraged today!  You are not forgotten!  Carry on soldier!  And know that you are making more of a difference than you realize and God is preparing your eternal reward even as you read this blog.  Thank you!