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Overfed and Undernourished

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Miss Piggy’s Guidelines to Dieting!

If for no other reason, take a look at this talk I gave recently at my home church to hear the wisdom of Miss Piggy when it comes to our obsession with dieting in the United States. Then after you’ve had a laugh, seriously listen to the rest of this message. God wants us to have good health – and proper nutrition is a part of it. However, Americans have been inundated with a cornucopia of processed foods that are robbing us of our strength, longevity, effectiveness and life.

When Jesus said that he came to give us abundant life, as Creator, He would have understood that his infused spiritual life would only be possible to the extent that believers had a healthy physical body to house that life. This is why Paul told the Corinthians that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. How can we have abundant inner life when our bodies are unhealthy.

Have you ever been sick to your stomach or in bed with the flu? Probably! Like all of us you have had a few miserable days in bed with some illness that robbed your health, life and joy. Now, would you agree that it’s hard to be very “spiritual” when your body is ill? You probably didn’t feel much like praying (unless it was for your own health!) or reading the Bible or serving at church or dancing before the Lord when you were sick with something, did you?

This is why we need to treat our bodies with respect. They are temples. We need to guard the entry ways into the temple – Eye Gate (seeing), Ear Gate (hearing), Nose Gate (smelling), Nerve Gate (feeling) and MOUTH GATE (tasting). Why is it that we spend millions of dollars keeping our church buildings built and clean when we treat the REAL temple of God with little, if any, respect? Join us for this four part series on Physical wellness. This is lesson #2. You can catch up by watching other talks I’ve done in the Archives section of our website – This four-part series is one of five segments of a larger series that we are doing in 2013 about discipleship – how to holistically disciple believers in things (1) Eternal, (2) familial, (3) Occupational, (4) Physical and (5) Relational.

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