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Faith is one of the central themes of the Bible. It moves and guides our life every day. In fact, your life is shaped and formed by what you believe. Where you are and who you are today is a testimony of what you believed yesterday…and you tomorrow is based upon what you believe today.

Viewed through this lens, I am starting a series today on the multidimensional aspects of faith. Message #1 is about VISION. You can see it in its entirety on this video blog – as well as all 12 messages in this series.

How you see yourself and your future will determine its outcome. God has given all human beings the ability to think in pictures. When someone talks about your grandparents, for instance, you can see them. When you talk about Christmas when you were a child, you see it. If I was to ask you to describe your elementary school or one of your teachers, you undoubtedly could picture them in your mind.

That is vision.

You have the ability to see visions in your mind. Now it’s time to mix that with God’s word, apply it to your future and begin moving in that direction. God is waiting for you. Others are waiting on you. So let’s begin our journey!