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In the wake of the crucifixion of Jesus, people were devastated – especially those who followed him closely...those who had the most to lose.

But in their moment of grief, Jesus appeared to them – even though they did not recognize Him. The same is true for us. God often moves in our lives in such a way that we don’t easily recognize Him.

Could this be happening to you today?

This teaching examines three episodes in the Bible where Jesus appeared to people that knew Him yet they did not recognize Him in their troubled state. First, He appeared to two men walking on the Road to Emmaus who had doubts and questions. Without condemnation, Jesus warmed their hearts with His presence and answered their questions. It wasn’t until He vanished that they knew it was Jesus.

The second scene is Mary at the Tomb. Her heart was so full of grief and her eyes full of tears that she thought Jesus was a gardener. Can you imagine that? The risen Son of God was mistaken for a gardener! But when grief overwhelms our hearts, it’s hard to see things clearly.

Have you ever been there?

Finally, we look at the discouraged and disappointed disciples fishing on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus spoke with them from the shore but they did not recognize Him. It wasn’t until they caught a boat-load of fish that they connected that event with an earlier episode when Jesus did nearly the same thing.

God hides at times. He doesn’t always come in the manner and in the timeframe that we want. But He is always faithful to come through when we need Him. Take hope if you are full of questions like the two disciples on the road, if your heart if full of grief like Mary or you are disappointed and discouraged like Peter and the other disciples.

Jesus is here for you.

Just keep searching until you find Him!

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