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**The first minute of this message is focused on the video projectors. After that it focuses on the speaker.

Have you ever had a hard time waking up in the morning? I have! In fact, I've woken up before, turned my alarm off and thought that just because I was up and moving I was awake.

Yesterday, as it turns out, I hadn't turned my alarm off. I had just hit snooze. I was getting ready for my day brushing my teeth and taking a warm shower when suddenly my alarm began going off again.

It was too far away to reach so I stood in the shower to the same 10 second tune repeating over, and over, and over again.

Trust me when I was say this … I was awake by the time I had listened to it for 10 minutes.

Sometimes alarms are annoying, but we still have to respond to them and choose whether or not to wake up.

God is sounding off alarms in our lives right now for us to be awakened to him. God is concerned about your marriage, your physical body (what you eat), your friendships, your job and your eternal perspective on him. We call this 360 spirituality. Meaning, God draws one large circle around our entire life and cares about EVERYTHING.

Watch the sermon above as I share about what I believe God is doing in our church and across the nation for his people.

Are you awake?