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Why Church?

"Church" doesn't always have the best reputation. Join us in October as Pastor Mark breaks down why you should even attend a local church & the REAL impact it will actually have on your life and in the community.

Posted by Open Door Ohio on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's nice to have options, and we're giving you two. Choose what service works for your family: 910am or 1030amWhat will you choose? 

910am - 1010am Service

service focused on the word

  • Early rising isn't for everyone, but if that's you then let's dive into the word of God first thing! 
  • Join Pastor Mark for a more traditional service with hymns, communion & a powerful message. 
  • Be encouraged & equipped with practical truths that apply to your everyday life. 

1030am - Noon Service

dig into the bible

  • Connecting with God is the most important thing we can do each day of the week. Start your Sunday off right by getting the kids ready and joining us at 1030am.
  • Dig deep into studying the Bible with Pastor Mark and challenging your spiritual walk with Christ. Partake in worship and declare the blessing of God over your life. 

Without mercy & grace ... honestly ... where would we be!

Don't just pickchurch, find a place that feels like home! New to Open Door? Here's a quick message just for you. Get to know Pastor Mark, his story, and why he has pastored Open Door for over 24 years!

We'd love to have you this Sunday. Are you new? It can be a little awkward going somewhere new, so let us know if you have any questions or if you'd like to chat with someone before coming! 


God loves you. He just flat out, without restraint, reservation or boundaries loves you.

Kids matter most!

Have you met Dawn May, our incredibly passionate & fun children's Pastor yet? Dawn & her team have lessons, games and stories about Christ prepared for your Children every Sunday. Our children's staff is committed to teaching your kids about the amazing friend & saviour we have in Jesus!

Sometimes life gets hard, and ya just need God to be real. We believe He can be real for you!

Have you ever listened to a song, and been completely inspired? That's kinda how we feel like worship should be too! Inspired by God, and grounded in hymns and relevant music where God can just speak to ya!

Meet Kyle, the man who knows how to sing a song and make it all about Jesus! 


The Bible says you are an overcomer ... Yup, we believe those truths.

Your kids grow up ... and when they do they need to be able to face the challenges, temptations and hardships of life. 

Meet Pastor Bryce! If there's one thing he loves, it's Jesus. Hear his heart on the importance of teaching kids scripture and practical principles that will guide your children into adulthood.

Your walk with Christ is important to us ...

Whether Open Door is the home for you, or somewhere else, be encouraged to know that we believe in you! You can be more! You can overcome! You can connect with Christ in a way that totally, completely & absolutely changes your life! Your family doesn't have to struggle! Your past mistakes DON'T have to haunt you! You can overcome and be STRONG not WEAK! You are apart of our family, from the time you walk into the doors. We'd love to have you join us this Sunday at 910am or 1030am. The choice is yours! 

⚑  3 sunday services / 910am / 1030am / 530pm

... For it is God's nature to be kind, and to give happiness ...